Practice Transitions- Buying and Selling


Practice Transitions- Buying and Selling

Practitioners hire other professionals to work at their facility, enabling the practitioner to reduce their clinical hours. They can then direct the growth of the practice and ensure quality of care as a whole. Our practice transition services are perfect for health care providers that are just entering the profession as well as seasoned providers looking to slow down their pace in the industry. Our dentist attorney can provide a custom assessment and help create a system for quality and growth.

On the financial side, our transitioning services maximize what you receive when retiring. Whether you desire to remain involved, or prefer to cut all ties with the practice, our team can work with you. We can find the right buyer for you or we can find a new doctor to bring on board that possesses the skillset and quality you expect.

When you decide to sell your facility, our main goal is minimizing the taxes you have to pay on any moneys received, otherwise known as capital gains taxes. When dealing with complicated tax structuring, there is always a give and take when it comes to capital gains. Even if you are trading up to a bigger office and not leaving the industry for good, planning with us early on will make an incredible difference.

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