Estate Plan Questionnaire


Estate Plan Questionnaire 

Please complete this General Estate Plan Questionnaire so our Attorney's understand how to better serve you. 

The attached Estate Planning Questionnaire is designed to help you organize your personal and financial information, to help us effectively assess your goals and circumstances, and to enable us to recommend an estate plan that will work for you and your family. We recognize that this questionnaire asks personal and sensitive information from you, and some of the requested information may not be applicable. The answers to these questions may have an important impact on how you dispose of your property and the more complete the information is, the better we will be able to provide the best possible estate planning options for you. We will keep your information in the strictest confidence and we will not release it without your consent. Please take the time to complete this questionnaire carefully. It will be of great assistance to us and to you. This questionnaire appears to be designed for a couple (married or unmarried), but it may be completed by an individual as well, in which case some questions may not apply.

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