Small Estates Affidavit


Small Estates Affidavit

If the Decedent dies without a valid Will, and the total value of the estate, not counting the value of the Decedent's homestead and other exempt property, is less than $75,000, then the Small Estates Affidavit can be used to transfer the decedent's estate.

Use of the Small Estates Affidavit is advantageous when the Decedent's estate is relatively small and generally consisting of things like bank accounts, savings bonds, an automobile and a homestead. Note that the use of a Small Estates Affidavit does not transfer the title to any other real property owned by the Decedent that was not the Decedent's home. If the Decedent also owned real property other than a homestead, then a Determination of Heirship proceeding will be needed.

Determination of Heirship 

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