DEA Training Requirement: MATE Act Compliance

Posted by AMY HUYNH | Mar 04, 2024

The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023 brought forth a significant mandate that directly impacts practitioners like yourself: a one-time, eight-hour training requirement by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) on managing patients with opioid or substance use disorders. 

The mandate allows healthcare providers to help fight the opioid crisis battle by providing necessary tools to identify, treat, and manage patients grappling with substance use disorders. As a dual professional in law and dentistry, compliance with this regulation not only upholds ethical standards but also safeguards your practice against potential legal ramifications. This 8 hour course must be completed prior to your next DEA renewal. 

Dentists can meet the requirement by undertaking an 8-hour training program focused on the treatment and care of patients dealing with opioid or other substance use disorders, or the safe administration of pharmaceuticals for dental pain management. This training can be completed in a single 8-hour session or spread across multiple sessions, and is available in diverse formats such as classroom instruction, seminars, or virtual sessions. Dentists are required to obtain and retain certificates of course completion.

For more information, visit the DEA website here.

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