Texas dentists can now delegate injections to hygienists

Posted by AMY HUYNH | Sep 07, 2023

Dentists can now delegate the injection of anesthetics to hygienists for their hygiene procedures. The hygienist must have completed training, passed an exam, and can only perform injections on adult patients that are not heavily sedated.
Here is the detail:


A dentist may not delegate:

(5)  the authority to a dental hygienist to administer a local anesthetic agent unless:

(A)  the dental hygienist:

(i)  administers the local anesthetic agent by infiltration for purposes of a procedure the dental hygienist is authorized to perform;

(ii)  has passed a board-approved certification examination relating to the administration of a local anesthetic agent;

(iii)  either:

(a)  has completed a board-approved course of study designed to train dental hygienists to administer a local anesthetic agent by infiltration; or

(b)  during the preceding year, was authorized to administer a local anesthetic agent by:

(1)  a branch of the United States armed forces; or

(2)  another state with clinical and didactic education requirements substantially equivalent to the requirements of a course approved by the board under Sub-subparagraph (a); and

(iv)  complies with any applicable rules adopted by the board establishing minimum standards for the administration of a local anesthetic agent;

(B)  the delegating dentist is physically present in the facility where the procedure is occurring and is continuously aware of the patient's physical status and well-being; and

(C)  the patient to whom the local anesthetic agent is administered is:

(i)  at least 18 years of age; and

(ii)  not sedated, or is sedated using only nitrous oxide-oxygen inhalation.

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